2011 Accounts Published

11 April 2012

The figures below have been put together by our bookkeeper Sandra Nattrass with a view to providing a simple overview of the financial outcomes of the Trust's activities during 2011.

£ £
We produced Issue 13 of ASTON magazine 38,156   18.6%
We published the DB7 to One-77 volume of the Aston Martin Register 25,122   12.3%
We ran two educational events, the Dudley Coram Lecture and the Walter Hayes Memorial Lecture 8,706   4.3%
We maintained and improved the Archive 40,380   19.7%
We managed the museum at the Barn 16,045   7.8%
We maintained the four important Trust vehicles and made them available for events etc 10,898   5.3%
We ran a legacy campaign to help safeguard our long term existence 3,710   1.8%
We maintained a website to publicise our work and enable access to our resources 7,118   3.5%
Running the office facilities at the Barn 35,690    
Repairing and maintaining facilities at the Barn 1,160    
Providing for depreciation of office equipment etc 9,866    
Legal and professional fees including Independent Examiner's fee 5,104    
Governance costs 2,884    
    54,704 26.7%
    204,839 100.0%
We received donations from AMOC representing 23% of AMOC members' subscriptions 94,580   45.1%
We also have some direct subscribers 1,186   0.6%
We received other donations 28,693   13.7%
We generated income from sales of ASTON magazine, various books, and other marque related items 3,579   1.7%
We charged for advertising in ASTON magazine and the Register 22,445   10.7%
We charged entry for two educational events, the Dudley Coram Lecture and the Walter Hayes Memorial   Lecture 14,716   7.0%
We received income from sales of archive material and access to archive information 5,290   2.5%
We received income from groups using the Museum facilities 2,447   1.2%
We allow members to hire the Trust's Ulster 867   0.4%
We have investment income from reserves 1,473   0.7%
We charge research fees for maintaining the archive of AML 6,000   2.9%
We used some of the funds which had been put aside in prior years to pay for the costs of the Register 5,522   2.6%
AMOC waive the notional rent charged for use of space at the Barn 20,000   9.5%
Miscellaneous items 3,094   1.5%
    209,892 100.0%
Available to carry forward to future years   £5,053  

Anyone who would like the full fourteen page blockbuster version of the statutory accounts can find them here.

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