A DB4 saloon, 44 SPE

A DB4 by moonlight.

44 SPE (DB4/447/R). A lovely example of the ever-popular DB4 model, this 1962 Series II saloon was featured in an article in AM Magazine (May 1963, AM 8.16, p.204) written by its first owner, who had once owned 'Razor Blade' and at the time of writing also owned another DB4. This car had a GT specification engine fitted by the factory in 1960. Thirty years later, by now with a different owner, the car was to take part in the Monte Carlo Challenge, coming first in class and 13th overall.

6" x 4"
£5.00 excl tax
8" x 6"
£10.00 excl tax
10" x 8"
£14.00 excl tax
18" x 12"
£22.00 excl tax
20" x 16"
£30.00 excl tax