A DB7 coupe - Press publicity photo

A Press Release photo of a DB7, c.1994.

A Press Release photo of the new Aston Martin DB7. This is the car that, under Ford ownership and with their resources for development and testing, helped to save Aston Martin from extinction. The photograph shows one of the early cars, still sporting the large hub caps which were soon reduced in size. The car is one of several made available to the Press for review and testing during 1994. Of the many reviews published around that time, AM Magazine (AM 28.124) included a road test by Paul Chudecki of this car. Designed by Ian Callum and often complemented as "the most beautiful car ever designed", a total 7091 DB7s were manufactured at Bloxham between 1994 and 2003, including both a 6 cylinder (as photographed here) and a V12 Vantage version, with a Volante option for both types. By 2003, the number of DB7s produced had far exceeeded the total number of Aston Martins in existence up until then. Since 2003 this record has been surpassed by DB9, Vantage and DBS production at Gaydon.

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