A Mechanic's Dream

FINAL, SIGNED EDITION. An exclusive book to the AMHT, telling the life story of Tony Tocock in his own words.

'A Mechanic's Dream - Including My Time at Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd. and Ford Advanced Vehicles',

by Tony Tocock.

First published December 2007. Second Edition November 2008. Third and Final, Signed Edition June 2012. Each copy signed By Tony Tocock.

127 pages. A hardback limited edition, exclusive to the Aston Martin Heritage Trust. This book is a fascinating account of a largely bygone era. All of Tony's career he was a working mechanic, first in the Army during the war, and then at Aston Martin Ltd. For most of the next 13 years he was in the Service Department, finishing up as senior engineer and "troubleshooter". This took him all over the world, and his book recalls many interesting adventures. Tony also helped out the racing department, which included trips to Le Mans and Monza with the team. When Feltham closed, Tony moved to Ford's new racing team, and finally became self-employed, before retiring in 1992.

This is Tony's life story with a lot to interest Aston enthusiasts, having previously unseen photographs throughout its 127 pages.

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