AM Magazine 11.37 New Year 1970

An issue of the monthly/quarterly magazine of the Aston Martin Owners Club

A small quantity is available for some of the issues published between 1948 and 1980. They are available on a 'first come, first served' basis. Since they are 60 years old, their condition varies and will be stated at the time of sale. 

Front Cover: "Bert" Bertelli listens intently as Dudley Gershon explains the fuel injection of the new DBS V8 which he brought to Belvedere. Photo: Colin McDowall.

In this issue:
177 50 years of Aston Martins
178 News snippets
180 HRH Princess Margaret and family in their DB5 convertible
181 The Anthony Bamford Car Collection
183 Le Mans rebuild - L3/326/S
189 We welcome Bert Bertelli to Fort Belvedere Concours
193 Terrace Party and Prizegiving 1969
197 Long Term Assessment of the DBS
202 Of The Marque
205 Some Notes on the Lionel Martin Water Pump
209 Astons at the Birkett 6 Hour Relay
211 Taking a DB5 skiing
214 1969 Motor Show (with ladies)
218 AM Quiz

Picture of AM Magazine 11.37 New Year 1970
AM Magazine 11.37 New Year 1970
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