AM Magazine 12.40 Winter 1970

An issue of the monthly/quarterly magazine of the Aston Martin Owners Club

A small quantity is available for some of the issues published between 1948 and 1980. They are available on a 'first come, first served' basis. Since they are 60 years old, their condition varies and will be stated at the time of sale. 

Front Cover: A photo-montage of pictures taken by Jim Burchell at Folch Fiesta, September 1970 especially for AM. An article on the fiesta is on page 139 of this issue.

In this issue:
120 Dick Anthony's birthday party
123 Magnificent Autumn Concours (Fort Belvedere)
127 The Aston Martin is a good Ambassador - taking a DB5 (DNY 77B) on holiday in Europe
133 The Bertelli Story - Part 1
136 Dorchester Jubilee Ball
139 Folch Fiesta Ole
144 Fifty Years of Aston Martin - in pictures
161 Women's Page (very racy)
164 AM Quiz

Picture of AM Magazine 12.40 Winter 1970
AM Magazine 12.40 Winter 1970
£10.00 excl tax