AM Magazine 7.10 Spring (April) 1961

An issue of the monthly/quarterly magazine of the Aston Martin Owners Club

A small quantity is available for some of the issues published between 1948 and 1980. They are available on a 'first come, first served' basis. Since they are 60 years old, their condition varies and will be stated at the time of sale. 

Front Cover: A jubilant Brian Joscelyne receives the Arthur Bryant Memorial Trophy from Kathy Bryant at Silverstone. The story of his win appears on page 367 of this issue.

In this issue:
363 The DB4s are rolling (off the production line)
364 11th St John Horsfall Meeting, Silverstone
369 The Triple Hatrick - at the Nurburgring
371 Turning Wheels
373 The Team Cars 1950 - John Wyer's technical diary
376 The two Concours of 1960 - Banbury and Fort Belvedere
378 Seven o'Clock at the Rubens (prizegiving)
380 Decarbonising a 1.5 litre
384 Aston Martin 1960 Competition Record - all the results
390 The International Photo Competition Winners
392 Oulton Park
395 Firle Hill Climb
397 Silverstone

Picture of AM Magazine 7.10 Spring/April 1961
AM Magazine 7.10 Spring/April 1961
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