AM Magazine 7.7 Spring (Feb) 1960

An issue of the monthly/quarterly magazine of the Aston Martin Owners Club

A small quantity is available for some of the issues published between 1948 and 1980. They are available on a 'first come, first served' basis. Since they are 60 years old, their condition varies and will be stated at the time of sale. 

Front Cover: Reg Parnell's team in action - see "Motor Racing Backstage" on page 267 of this issue. This was during the 1958 T.T. at Goodwood.

In this issue:

257 Our Racing Plans
258 On Restoring the Chairman's former International Le Mans - D2/204
261 Aston Abroad - a Swedish holiday with a venerable car (a 1935 Ulster 2/4 seater)
264 Of The Marque - in pictures
267 Motor Racing Backstage
274 Four Cars that made Motor Racing History (DBR1/1 - DBR1/4)
277 Aston Martin 1959 Competition Record - second instalment
282 The 1959 Season Trophy Winners
282 A.M.Quiz

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