AM Magazine 7.8 Summer (July) 1960

An issue of the monthly/quarterly magazine of the Aston Martin Owners Club

A small quantity is available for some of the issues published between 1948 and 1980. They are available on a 'first come, first served' basis. Since they are 60 years old, their condition varies and will be stated at the time of sale. 

Front Cover: Just after the start of the Aston race at Brands Hatch. The DBs of Fraser and Lewis are mixed with Fremman's and Bishop's Speed Models, Bill Smith (LM2) and Risley (International). Hetreed, Gillett and Wilks have gone ahead. Photo: Group B.

In this issue:

289 The Ten Year Bogey (new car testing regime)
290 We lose the Dry Martini (at Brands Hatch)
294 Two DB3S in the States - DB3S/104 and DB3S/11, 1956-1959
297 Sigma, Greek for S - an Aston engined 'special' (481 CMF)
300 Marshals Make Merry
301 Of The Marque - in pictures
302 Races, Rallies and Driving Tests - in Britain, Johore, Holland and USA
304 Aston Adventures in the Middle West
307 Successful Tuning and Modification of DB2/4 Models


Picture of AM Magazine 7.8 Summer/July 1960
AM Magazine 7.8 Summer/July 1960
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