AM News Sheet 400 January 1981

A back number of the monthly AMOC magazine.

We carry stocks of many of the back numbers of the AM News Sheet,  the monthly magazine of the Aston Martin Owners Club and precursor to AM News.

Buy yours whilst stocks last - first come, first served. Note: Condition varies. We shall let you know at time of sale the condition of the item.

In this issue:

4 Report on Competitors Meeting, Nov 20
5 Awards and Trophies for 1980
6 Film Show and Social Evening, Dec 2
7 Fair Stood The Wind for France - PART 2 (the AMOC French Trip) Oct 16-20
10 An Evening at RSWilliams
11 The Boat Show, Jan 8-19
11 News from the Areas
19 For Sale and Wanted
23 Welcome to new UK Members



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