Issue 16 of 'ASTON', the award-winning publication of the Aston Martin Heritage Trust.

ASTON 16 was published in December 2014.

Another centenary this year, somewhat more muted but nevertheless important. In 1914 Lionel Martin first put his "hybrid" on the road, combining an Isotta-chassis hybrid with the prototype Aston Martin power unit. 

The front/back cover photo: Geoff Duke's DB3 has just crashed out of the 1953 Sebring 12-hour race and mechanic Jack Sopp is unsuccessfully trying to repair the damage with a Rudge hammer.

In Issue 16:

4.   DB2/4 SUPERSONIC - the colourful history of a one-off Aston Martin
12. MOUNTAINEERING WITH MR MARTIN - wizard adventures with Lionel and Kate
16. BERTELLI's RIVALS - the many marques that competed with the prewar Astons
24. "ALL THAT A MAN SHOULD BE..." Lord Charnwood played a key role in the early history of Aston Martin
34. ASTON MARTIN AND THE HOTEL DE FRANCE - a new chapter for Aston Martin's spiritual home on the Loir
38. A VERY USEFUL SUCCESS - John Wyer's account of Aston Martin's first race at Sebring
44. THE 20TH DB4GT ZAGATO - Stephen Archer unravels the tangled tale of the 2VEVs....
50. A FUNNY WAY TO BUY A COMPANY - Peter Sprague recounts the twists in the tale of his purchase of AML
59. GEORGE EYSTON'S BUSY WEEKEND - A Grand Prix entry that was written out of history
63. THE MATCH THAT MADE A MARQUE - Lionel Martin's first win on Aston Hill, by the losing driver.......
67. ASTONS IN THE BOL D'OR - the tale of an AMOC entry in a 24 hour race like no other
74. WHAT IF?....what could have been had Bill Renwick stayed with Aston Martin
77. HIGH FLYER'S ASTON - Peter Russell discovers the human story behind his Mark II
81. A NEW CAR FOR THE TRUST - the latest addition to the AMHT's collection
84. FEARLESS FAIRMAN AND THE STALLEBRASS ASTON - the driver's tale of a tragedy in the wet at Spa
88. AN ASTON MARTIN RACING MAN - Maitland Cook pays tribute to John R Etheridge
90. ASTONS AT GOODWOOD - on track action at the Revival Meeting
92. "UNQUESTIONABLY IN THE VINTAGE TRADITION" - an incident in the life of a 1933 Aston Le Mans
96. TAILPIECE - Mr Barlow buys an Aston Martin

Aston 16
The 16th edition of the AMHT annual publication, 'Aston'.
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