Issue 17 of 'ASTON', the award-winning publication of the Aston Martin Heritage Trust.

ASTON 17 was published in December 2015.

Another couple of centenaries were celebrated in 2015. It was 100 years since the registration of the first true Aston Martin, 'Coal Scuttle' AND 200 years since the founding of Singleton Birch, the company that provided Lionel Martin with the wherewithal to realise his dream of building a light car like no other.

The front/back cover photo of ASTON 17: HM Queen Elizabeth II visits Newport Pagnell on Monday 4 April 1966. She is escorted round the Aston Martin factory by David Brown.

In Issue 17:

4.   ASTON'S MOST SUCCESSFUL RACER - coming to grips with DBR1/1
13. DEVELOPING THE RACING ASTONS - John Wyer gives the background details
20. A PASSION FOR LE MANS - Maitland Cook pays tribute to Noel Pasteau
22. THE ONLY WAY IS FX - How John Stears created Bond's DB5
28. END OF AN ERA - Recalling the last car from Newport Pagnell
30. A VERY VINTAGE MONTLHERY - Prewar Astons on a historic circuit
33. OHMSS-A BOND CAR FOR PRINCE 007 - When the Queen came to Aston Martin
36. LANCE PRIDEAUX-BRUNE AND THE WINTER GARDEN GARAGE - A Forgotten hero of the Aston Martin story
44. ASTON MARTIN'S FINEST PREWAR RACE - Looking back at the 1938 Tourist trophy
52. "THE AFTERNOON FINISHED IN GLORY" - How Reg Parnell won the British Empire Trophy
55. JOHN ALAN WELCH-A FOUNDER MEMBER - The story of one man and his car
60. COAL SCUTTLE'S GRAND DAY OUT - The first Aston Martin's competitive debut
64. ASTON ON THE SKIDS - A disastrous change of course
66. MORT AT LE MANS - Racing with Robert Hichens
71. A CAR THAT STIRS THE SENSES - At the wheel of a very special DB3S
78. JOHN OGIER - The Essex Racing Stable story
84. A-HUNTING WE WILL GO - The Singer that whetted Lionel Martin's appetite
86. AN ASTONISHING ASTON - A car destined to draw the spotlight
91. A DAY OUT WITH THE OLD BRIGADE - A B&M on the Brighton Run
92. DIGGING DEEP FOR ASTON MARTIN - The bicentenary of a significant company
94. THE START OF IT ALL - Lionel Martin's first hillclimb


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Aston 17
The 17th edition of the AMHT annual publication, 'Aston'.
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