Issue 18 of 'ASTON', the award-winning publication of the Aston Martin Heritage Trust.

ASTON 18 was published in December 2016.

This issue marks the final contribution from our Editor David Burgess-Wise, who has presided over the publication for 15 years. He signs off and hands over in real style.

The front/back cover photo of ASTON 18: A scene from the 1923 Porthcawl speed trials. Hotly pursued by Joyce's 100-mile-an-hour AC, George Eyston's Grand Prix Aston Martin hurries over the wet sands.

In Issue 18:

4.   ASTON'S MOST SUCCESSFUL RACER - coming to grips with DBR1/1
14. THE BLACK PEARL - John Warburton describes the rebirth of a B&M Aston

20. ASTON MARTIN DB5 SHOOTING BRAKE - Paul Chudecki drives a wagon with sports-car panache

26. THE NUMBERS GAME - Learning lessons from matching numbers cars
30. BAMFORD'S BIRTHPLACE - Discovering a missing link in Aston Martin history
33. A POLE APART - The adventurous life of Tadek Marek
42. ASTON MARTIN AND THE RADIAL REVOLUTION - Tyre expert Dougal Cawley gets a grip on handling
44. DAVID BROWN'S FORGOTTEN FACTORY - Stuart Gibbard tells the Farsley story
52. JACK SOPP - RACING MECHANIC a lifetime of skill and experience recalled
57. MOSS - THE RINGMEISTER Peter Garnier's 1956 report on one of stirling's greatest drives
63. PERCY KIDNER - BRIEFLY A DIRECTOR An almost-forgotten Aston Martin executive
64. FRANK FEELEY, THE FORGOTTEN MAN OF FELTHAM The self-taught stylist who shaped Lagonda and Aston Martin
76. MICHAEL SALMON - A TRIBUTE Maitland Cook remembers a racing legend
79. ASTON MARTIN DB4 LIGHTWEIGHT A racing special track-tested by Paul Chudecki
86. CONVERSATIONS WITH NOEL PASTEAU The patriarch of the Hotel de France remembered
88. A CUT ABOVE THE REST...the inside story of the AMHT's latest acquisition
90. A TALE OF TWO SPECIALS When second-hand Astons were a special builder's dream
94. A RIGHT ROYAL OCCASION Aston Martins at the Windsor Castle Concours of elegance

96. GREAT SCOTT, JEEVES! Extraordinary! An Aston with a two-stroke engine.........


Picture of Aston 18
Aston 18
The 18th edition of the AMHT annual publication, 'ASTON' produced in December 2016.
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