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A lot of interest has been shown in our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram presence, so we are tending to put blog content of Aston Martin happenings onto those rather than here on the website. We shall still be using the News section here for news of the Trust itself.

Concours of Elegance 2014

A short video featuring the Aston Martins that took part in the Concours of Elegance held at Hampton Court Palace.

Le Mans Winner comes to the Barn

DBR9/10, the 2007 GT1 Le Mans winning car is now at the Barn.  Driven to victory by Darren Turner, David Brabham and Rickard Rydell we are thrilled to be able to display this historic car.

  We are getting lots of practice backing race trailers up to the barn doors for delivery. 

DBR9 settling in and meeting the neighbours - AMR1.   

2014 has started with a Bang and a Splash

The Centenary may be over but 2014 has already started off with a Bang.  The Walter Hayes Memorial Lecture in January was one of the most successful lectures to date.  David Richards, Darren Turner and David Brabham were wonderful speakers along with John Hindhaugh of Radio Le Mans keeping everything on track.

Not long after the dust had settled we were getting back to 'Business As Usual' until the February rains came.  The Barn isn't in any danger of flooding but the access roads into the village have been flooding and receding and then flooding again.

We are all looking forward to a nice dry summer.


Christmas came early!

We received a FREE table top display board from Discount Displays today.  And it came in its own carrying case - which is an added bonus!  


DBR9 in the Barn!

DBR9/101 arrived at the Barn this week and we are thrilled that it is here.  In order to promote the Walter Hayes Lecture, one of the bays and display cases has been re-worked to highlight all things Aston Martin Racing.  The car will only be with us for 3 months so be sure to come by before it burns rubber and is gone again!

To see DBR9 burn rubber - watch The Stig drive DBR9 around the Top Gear track.  

Been Awhile

It's been a long time since we've had a general blog comment.  Today I noticed that we have 149 Friends on Facebook and 103 followers on Twitter - WOW!!  I'm thrilled with the response we have received on these social media sites.  This was a step into uncharted waters for us but it is the way of the future and as the museum progresses and moves forward so must we.

Thank you to everyone who 'friends, follows, tweets and comments' for us. 

Stay Tuned for more great things to come!!


Caption Competition

What does this picture say to you??

Aston Martin Centenary Party

Short video from the Aston Martin Centenary Party held at Freemasons' Hall, July 2013

Silverstone Classic Success


The AMHT staff and volunteers at the Silverstone Classic 2013.  It was wonderful to have so many visitors stop by and see us.  A3 and the Ulster took pride of place on display in front of the Trust's marquee.  We had a very successful weekend despite the rain Saturday evening and the gale force winds on Sunday.  

A very special Thank you to all those who took part in our 50/50 Raffles!  All the proceeds will go to the "Ulster Upholstery Fund" and will enable us to restore the Ulster seats.

Many thanks!