Blog posts of '2012' 'September'

The Cutting Corner

DBR1 has taken pride of place in a temporary exhibhition in honour of Ted Cutting, Aston Martin Chief Racing Designer.  The 'Cutting Corner' is now complete.  The focal point is DBR1/4 and display case showcasing many of Ted's personal items including his slide rule, french curve, books and photographs.  

 The first peek at DBR1. 

 Roaring into life. 

 Looking under the bonnet.

  "What does this do?"  "That's how you start it"

A proper grown-up museum!

"It looks like a proper grown-up musuem" has been the general consensus regarding the new look of the Museum. The five new display cases have been fulling fitted and filled with artefacts. Many of the objects on display have been in the collection for years but never put on display in such a fantastic fashion.

If you've visited in the Barn in the past, please stop by again and be amazed at the transformation.