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Surprise Birthday Visit

We had a lovely visit from former David Brown Industries employee Chris Blake and his daughter.  Mr Blake worked for over 30 years for David Brown Industries developing gear boxes for large industrial machines.  He even recognised a photograph taken of a DB6 in the centre of a gigantic gear.  All the employees were asked to leave the floor while the car was lowered in place in preparation for the publicity photo.  Mr. Blake's daughter arranged the visit to the Barn as a surprise for his 86th birthday.  We look forward to their next visit!

The Cutting Corner

DBR1 has taken pride of place in a temporary exhibhition in honour of Ted Cutting, Aston Martin Chief Racing Designer.  The 'Cutting Corner' is now complete.  The focal point is DBR1/4 and display case showcasing many of Ted's personal items including his slide rule, french curve, books and photographs.  

 The first peek at DBR1. 

 Roaring into life. 

 Looking under the bonnet.

  "What does this do?"  "That's how you start it"

A proper grown-up museum!

"It looks like a proper grown-up musuem" has been the general consensus regarding the new look of the Museum. The five new display cases have been fulling fitted and filled with artefacts. Many of the objects on display have been in the collection for years but never put on display in such a fantastic fashion.

If you've visited in the Barn in the past, please stop by again and be amazed at the transformation.

Photos from CarFest South

Despite the rain and sometimes absolute downpours - CarFest South was a huge success.  21 car clubs were represented including our very own - AMOC!!  12 different groups of cars particpated in the Hill Climb, Astons were featured in 8 of those groups including the 'Anniversary Seven', 'Supercar Seven', 'Motorsport Seven', 'Million Pound Seven', 'Unusual Seven' with our very own Trust Lagonda, 'Nick Mason's Celebrity Seven', 'Seven Design Classics', and the 'Gorgeous Seven'.  Well Done Aston for having such a great presence.

AMOC Members display

Lagonda ready for its run up the hill

The One-77 making its way back down the hill

LM17 Ulster, part of the Celebrity Seven

AML Apprentices visit the Barn

As part of their induction 11 new apprentices visited the Barn on Wednesday and were treated to lunch and a very informative lecture by Neil Murrary on the history of Aston Martin, the Aston Martin Owners Club and the Trust.

CarFest South

So much for the lazy days of summer!!  Things are really picking up at the Trust.  The five display cases are now installed and work will be begin on the new exhibitions.  But before the cases are filled, the Trust Lagonda will be taking part in CarFest South!!

Watch this space for photos from the event!

DKB, Curator

Display Cases

It has been a very quiet summer at the Barn but great things are about to happen. The first of five new display cases began installation today! The main case is in place and appears to hover over the beams. The remaining 4 cases, doors and shelves will be installed next week.

Donna Bannister, Curator

Aston Martin One-77 Cycle

What a weekend!

What a great weekend we had!  The Bonhams Auction on Saturday at the new 'Works' Showroom and the Spring Concours on Sunday at Waddesdeon Manor.  Both were huge successes!  

Thank you to everyone who stopped by the AMHT stand - Hope to see you all again next year!!