Jean Salmon (formerly Bloxam)

10 October 2016

We are very sorry to have to record the death of Jean Salmon (ex Bloxham) on Friday the 9th of September at the age of 89. 

Jean began racing in the Ladies' Race at Goodwood on Whit Monday 1954, and placed first and third in two races at Silvererstone the same year. Later Jean attracted the attention of Aston Martin Technical Director John Wyer after racing with a 2.9 litre DB2. Jean often raced in Aston Martins and some of her awards obtained whilst driving them include the Peter Bell Trophy for the most successful Aston Martin driver,  the Muskett Trophy at Silverstone and the Post-war category St Johnn Horsefall Trophy, all in 1957.

A fatal crash involving her then-husband Roy Bloxam at Goodwood on Whit Monday 1961 led Jean to stop racing. However she continued to be involved with cars as the Director of the Gerrards Cross Motor Company with racing driver Michael Salmon, whom she later married. In 2001 Jean became a full member of the British Racing Drivers Club which she is on record as calling the proudest moment of her life. 

The Aston Martin Heritage Trust would like to extend their condolences to all of Jean's family and friends for their loss 

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