Platinum Prints

The AMHT is pleased to offer limited edition platinum prints of selected Aston images.  Using historic processes and precious metals, these prints are hand produced to the highest quality photographic standards.  Images are available in two sizes 8" x 6" and 10" x 8".

Platinum printing is an old process technique, developed approx. 125 years ago, whereby the image is created by using platinum, as opposed to conventional use of silver in the emulsion.  This gives an end image with unique and desirable properties including an image with wide ranging, rich tones.  A finished platinum print is famous for its exceptionally good image permanence and sharpness.  

Platinum prints are the most durable of all photographic processes. The platinum metals are very stable against chemical reactions that might degrade the print.

Some of the advantages of a platinum print include:

  • An absolutely non-reflective surface of the prints, unlike more typical glossy prints.
  • A very delicate, large tonal range.
  • A greatly decreased susceptibility to deterioration compared to silver-based prints due to the stability of the process and because they are commonly printed on 100% rag papers.
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DB2 Publicity Photo

Limited Edition Platinum Prints
From £100.00 excl tax