Visitor Comments

Favourite part of your visit...

"Thank you so much for showing us around the Aston Martin Museum, it was an inspiration to Tate as he used the information he acquired to produced his primary school project in his final year on his favourite subject.  Our trip to your Museum was invaluable."

"Absolutley stunning - we will be back"

"Fab Visit"

"Best £3.00 I ever spent"

"Seeing all the memorabilia - Stirling Moss Greatest Driver!"

"The whole Barn is wonderful!"

"Friendliest Place"

"Able to get close to the cars and have a look at the engines"

"To be so close to the car"

"The Heritage!"

"The whole AM History and Heritage"

"Sitting in the Vanquish!"

"The aura of the old cars in the old building"

"History of Manufacturing"

"All of it!  Knowledge and enthusiasm 2nd to none"

"All of it!! Memories of yesteryear"

"Sitting in the Vanquish and the car collection"

"The Cygnet on the timeline and the classic Die Another Day photos"