Reallocation of original registration number

The AMHT is recognised by the DVLA as the authority for authenticating requests for registering cars or re-allocation of original registration numbers to Aston Martin and post 1961 Lagonda cars. This is known as the V765 scheme.

The AMHT will also supply a letter to your local Vehicle Licensing Office (VLO) indicating the year of manufacture of a particular car to allow an age related registration number to be issued where none existed before, or where there is insufficient supporting evidence for the re-issue of a number believed to be the original.

You initiate this process yourself by completing the appropriate forms, the V765 and V55/5. These are available from your nearest VLO Office (find yours here). The V765 may also be downloaded from the DVLA website (here).

You will then need to send us these forms, along with a recent photograph of the vehicle and documentary evidence, such as the original log book, a copy of the original factory record (Build Sheet), a pre 1983 tax disc or MOT certificate, linking it to the original number. We may also wish to inspect the car. We will then send the endorsed application to the DVLA for processing.

Our fees are £300 for this service. Please contact the Trust Registrar, Tim Cottingham at timcottingham@icloud.com