June 21, 2023

Aston Martin Heritage Festival organisers appeal to owners to create biggest event in marque’s history

Organisers of the Aston Martin Heritage Festival are calling all Aston Martin owners to join the event and make it the largest-ever gathering of Aston Martin and Lagonda vehicles. In the 110th year of Aston Martin and the 25th anniversary of the Aston Martin Heritage Trust (AMHT), the charity has set a goal of 600 cars on Saturday 12th August at the British Motor Museum, Gaydon. 

“If you own an Aston Martin but have never displayed at a car meet, this is the one! For just £10, you can enjoy a day with like-minded enthusiasts and proudly have your car among hundreds of its kind. Birthdays are a good excuse to celebrate so we want this to be the biggest celebration for Aston Martin and Lagonda enthusiasts,” commented Garry Taylor, Operations Trustee.

The event will see Aston Martin and Lagonda vehicles parked by era, including A3, the oldest surviving Aston Martin in the world, and the ultimate present-day performance cars. 

Owners of DB models are of particular interest to the organisers, seeing as it’s 75 years of the DB Bloodline, 60 years of the DB5, 20 years of the DB9 and the year Aston Martin launched the DB12.

Attendees will also be joined by various fabulous traders and experts in conversation on stage, led by Historian for Aston Martin Lagonda (AML), Steve Waddingham. 

Aston Martin Historian Steve Waddingham said: “Aston Martin is celebrating its 110th anniversary this year – a remarkable achievement by any standards – and as part of that we are all looking forward to another great gathering of Aston Martin and Lagonda cars at the Aston Martin Heritage Festival. 

“I’m very much looking forward to seeing a huge range of our cars on show, spanning the many decades and model types, and I’m sure everyone will be made very welcome by the Trust be it as a spectator or participant.”

Vehicle exhibitor tickets start from £10.

Book tickets here

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