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Cutting Edge Conversations by Ted Cutting

EJ ‘Ted’ Cutting was not only Aston Martin’s most successful Chief Race Car Design Engineer, but was also an innovator with influential force on the worldwide automotive industry. Originating from a limited edition hardback version, this eBook was produced in celebration of the 60th anniversary of Aston Martin winning the World Sports Car Championship for Britain with the all-conquering DBR1 designed, engineered and created by Ted himself. Rather than a traditional biography of his life, Ted wanted his book to be rather less scripted and informal; it was therefore initially adapted from a number of recorded conversations between himself and Aston Martin Heritage Trust members Stuart Bailey and Brian Joscelyne - the title being an obvious choice considering this! In addition to the in-depth telling of a legendary period in British motorsport by a man at the centre of it all, the book also sees Ted clarify a number of details which have in the past been incorrectly reported. Unusually it also contains all his published documents and access to a 90 minute video of his unique lecture on ‘Racing Astons’ to further endorse his story. Although the original hardback edition of this book was produced only in a limited run, Ted’s wish was to make the complete book available to a much wider audience, now possible through the internet; as an engineer always working at the cutting edge of technology, he would appreciate the benefits of information sharing in the digital age. As well as being of interest to fans of Aston Martin and of motorsports in general, the book is a compelling read for any student of automotive design and engineering; after all, progress is about standing on the shoulders of giants - and in the field of race car design, few individuals ever reach the colossal heights achieved by Ted Cutting. This hard cover book of 276 pages comes with a DVD (an illustrated talk given to the Institution of Mechanical Engineers by E.J. Cutting on 16 April, 2003).
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Having joined Aston Martin in 1949, Edward 'Ted' Cutting worked on some of the company's most iconic cars, including the DB3S, DBR1 and the Project racing cars. His name is inextricably linked to that of other legendary characters such as David Brown and John Wyer.

The book is a compendium of many published, and some un-published articles, interviews, photographs and technical information, providing a fascinating insight in the life and times of this extraordinary engineer.

This hard cover book comes with a DVD (an illustrated talk given to the Institution of Mechanical Engineers by E.J. Cutting on 16 April, 2003).