Aston Martin Heritage Trust




Aston Martin Owners Club is the only official worldwide Club for everyone interested in the iconic marque. With over 6000 members worldwide there is huge benefit from being a member and being able to participate in lots of events globally and the many friendships created by this fellowship – many Trust Friends are AMOC members too. Please follow the ink here to learn more about AMOC and its activities -

The Aston Martin Heritage Trust was founded by Aston Martin Owners Club members in 1998 in order to protect for the long term, the artefacts and motor car which belonged to the AMOC at that time. Because AMOC organised and still does organise race meetings / social events / concours / tours etc - there was a risk that the AMOC may be sued for some unexpected incident that would threaten the solvency and existence of the AMOC, which is a Company limited by guarantee. Such an event would have put at risk all the valuable artefacts and Aston Martin ephemera including trophies etc., which belonged to or had been given or bequeathed to AMOC since 1935. Many other Car Clubs have a similar arrangement for the same reasons