Aston Martin AMR1, Group C Endurance racing car

Following the success of the Aston Martin powered Nimrod, a joint venture was announced in August 1987 between Aston Martin and Ecurie Ecosse, to build a car to FISA Group C regulations. The AMR1 used an advanced carbon-fibre/Kevlar monocoque tub, designed by Canadian, Max Boxstrom and clothed in aerodynamic bodywork reminiscent of the ‘coke bottle’. The heart of the car was an Aston Martin V8 engine based on the recently unveiled Virage unit, with four valve cylinder heads designed by Reeves Callaway in the USA. The V8 was built to 6.0 litres (600 bhp) to begin with, eventually growing to 6.3 litres (740 bhp) before sadly, the project was cancelled, due to changes in racing regulations for the 1990 season.

The cars were run by a company especially formed by AML shareholders Victor Gauntlett and Peter Livanos, called Proteus Technology (Protech) Ltd. with Richard Williams as Managing Director/Team Manager and Ray Mallock as Engineering Director and test driver

Our car is the prototype AMR1/01 which first raced at the 1989 480 km race at Dijon, where it finished a creditable 17th. Its second and final outing as a works car, was at the Le Mans 24 hour race the same year, when 11th place was achieved, with drivers, Brian Redman, Costas Los and Michael Roe.

Chassis No: AMR1/1

Kindly donated by Peter Livanos in 1999

Race history

1989 Dijon 480 kms (Leslie/Redman), 17th. Le Mans 24 Hrs (Redman/Los/Roe), 11th.