Aston Martin Owners Club

The AMHT was founded by the AMOC in 1998 to protect its ever-increasing collection of artefacts.

Since then, the AMHT has grown substantially as an independent organisation while still enjoying a close working relationship with the AMOC. AMOC members provide vital support to the AMHT as part of their club subscription. With this support, we are able to fulfil our vision to be the global authority for the history and heritage of Aston Martin, and maintain and preserve our collection of important Aston Martin cars and memorabilia. The AMOC membership and its continued help mean we can develop, keep and share a world-class comprehensive heritage resource with everyone.
The AMOC has much to offer new members, and you do not have to be an owner to join the club. A passion for Aston Martin is the only requisite.
So, why should you join the AMOC?
  • Go along to local, national and international events and tours
  • Join track and racing events
  • Receive monthly and quarterly club publications
  • Receive ASTON, the annual AMHT publication
  • Access the club forum for technical advice and social contact
  • Join AMOC-approved insurance scheme
  • Take part in prestigious club events
  • Enjoy exclusive access to branded merchandise through the club shop and at club events
  • Join in world-class concours as an entrant or a spectator
  • Enjoy international dinners and meetings with other Aston Martin enthusiasts
  • Join like-minded people who share the joy of Aston Martin ownership or are simply fans of the marque.
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