Donate to the collection

Donating to the collection

We welcome offers of donation to the collection in physical and digital form. 

Whilst we are very grateful for these offers, we have a process to follow to help us assess which items are accepted. 

Please do not send unsolicited objects through the post, or bring unsolicited objects to the museum. The AMHT is unable to accept these and is not responsible for the care, condition or return of unsolicited items.

What we collect

We collect items associated with the history and ongoing story of Aston Martin Lagonda (AML):

  • Documents, artefacts and motor vehicles created by AML
  • Documents and artefacts that support our core collection and enhance the technical, social and economic developments inspired by AML  
  • Books related to AML, Aston Martin cars and individuals linked to AML
  • Items that reveal the significance of design, innovation and history of the marque 
  • Items that improve our interpretation of Aston Martin’s role in the motor industry, including current and developing technologies

Due to our limited storage space we are unfortunately unable to accept any duplicate material, including back copies of Aston Martin Owners Club publications.

We consider all offers based on their condition, relevance, display potential, provenance and potential future use.

What we need to know

We ask all potential donors to provide as much information as possible about their items.

  • What is being offered – preferably an itemised list including title, description and date (where known) 
  • Provenance – where did the items come from? How did you come by them? 
  • History – what can you tell us about the original owner (if anything)?
  • Images – photographs or scans help us to assess condition and content

How to get in touch

If you wish to offer us items as a donation please consult our Online Collection first. This will reduce the chances of offering us something we already hold in the collection.

Following this, if you would like to proceed, please complete our online Donation Enquiry Form to register your interest.

How we decide

All donation offers which meet the collecting criteria will be referred to the Acquisition & Disposal Committee for a final decision on acquisition. The Committee meets around every 8 weeks, as such there may be a delay before we are able to provide potential donors with a decision. 

If we do not accept your item(s), it may be due to one or more of the following reasons:

  • We already have similar items 
  • Your item does not match our collecting priorities 
  • The item is not in good condition 
  • The provenance of your item is not known or not clear 

If we do not accept your offer of donation, if appropriate we may suggest other relevant bodies to approach. 

When to expect a response 

We will endeavor to reply to you within 2-4 weeks of receipt of your donation offer. 

Please do not send or deliver items to us before we confirm that we are able to accept them. 

Other things to note

  • We prefer to acquire copyright with an item, where possible 
  • We will not acquire photocopies or scans of originals, except in rare circumstances 
  • Due to our limited exhibition space we cannot guarantee to put an item on display 
  • Donations may not be accepted if you wish to place any restrictions on their use or disposal 
  • We do not currently have space to accept loans of vehicles except by special invitation

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