Aston Martin Ulster

After the success of the Team Cars in the 1934 Ulster TT race, Aston Martin made replicas available for the public to buy. With a lightweight two-seater body and with the engine tuned to produce 85 bhp, they were guaranteed to reach 100 mph. The low, sleek, narrow body was fitted with a boat shaped tail to house the spare tyre. In total, 21 were built and it is believed that every single one still survives.

Not quite all Ulster’s carry the rakish 2-seater bodywork of the Team cars. Just four cars were made with a 2/4-seater body: guaranteed 100 mph for the driver and three brave friends. The most famous of the 2/4-seater Ulster’s was bequeathed to the Aston Martin Owners Club in 1974, which passed to the keeping of the Aston Martin Heritage Trust in 1999. It is one of the most special and loved cars in the AMHT collection.

Chassis No: K4/508/U

Registration No: BLB 684

Kindly bequeathed by Lewis Treece in 1974

General info

Top speed: Over 100 mph
0-60: 28.2 secs
Price New: £750
Power: 85bhp