V12 Vanquish (AMV03) Cutaway

The brand new V12 Vanquish wasn’t just a ground-breaking Aston Martin, it was perhaps the greatest technological leap forward that the company has ever made. So, if you really want to show potential customers exactly why your car is so advanced and well worth the £158,000 asking price, a full-sized rolling chassis with panels halved or missing is the perfect way.

Developed from the 1998 Project Vantage concept car, the V12 Vanquish featured a bonded aluminium chassis with carbon fibre A pillars and transmission tunnel combined with traditional Aston Martin handcrafted panels. The Cutaway made its debut at the Geneva Motor Show in 1999 and has been displayed many times at exclusive events and dealerships since, when the need arose.

This vehicle was purchased by the AMHT at the Bonhams Auction, Newport Pagnell, in May 2016 by which time the original half-a-nose cone had been lost.

General info

Top Speed: 190 mph
0-60: 5.0 secs
Price New: £158,000
Power: 460bhp
Year of manufacture: 2000