Aston Martin Vanquish Volante (VH3)

Aston Martin announced the production ready Vanquish Volante in June 2013, perhaps the most important new model introduced during the Centenary year. It also became the most expensive car in the 2013 range with a basic price tag just a fiver shy of £200,000 before any extras were added.

The car instantly became one of the most beautiful cars in its class; Vanquish Volante crucially retained the coupe’s dynamic character and sporting capability. Fitted with the same 565 bhp 6.0-litre V12 engine as the coupe, it offered near identical performance figures, meaning the 0-60 mph sprint was despatched in just 4.1 while the top speed stands at 183 mph.

In 2017, the 595 bhp Vanquish S Volante was launched and became one of the last models fitted with the naturally aspirated V12 engine. As such, these cars remain highly desirable, especially the very last exclusive ‘Ultimate’ editions.

Chassis No: X71211

Registration No: KX13 ADO

Kindly on loan from AML