by | May 25, 2023

Episode 8: The Aston Martin DB12

The Aston Martin Heritage Podcast
Episode 8: The Aston Martin DB12

Episode 8: The Aston Martin DB12. 

Today’s the day the world meets the Aston Martin DB12. 

In this special episode, we speak with Guy Jenner, CEO of HWM Aston Martin. He calls the DB12 fiercer, purer, sharper, finer and bolder.

Garry Taylor asks Guy about the significance of this next-generation grand tourer and whether it’s true to the DB bloodline. We cover the design and technical overhaul (including the engine and chassis upgrades). We also take a deep dive into that exceptional interior with the latest infotainment system.

To kick off the podcast, Garry and Guy give an overview of the DBS 770 Ultimate, receiving rave press reviews.

After listening, you’ll be revved up for the DB12, DBS 770, and Aston Martin’s current product portfolio. Enjoy. 

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