August 14, 2023

‘Team of the Year’ nomination for the AMHT team

The Aston Martin Heritage Trust team have been hard at work to make this year the best one yet. And it hasn’t gone unnoticed. The team have been shortlisted for ‘Team of the Year’ in Octane’s Historic Motoring Awards.

With this fantastic achievement, it’s only right that we show you the faces behind it all. Introducing…

Team member Sophie with the AMHT collection

Sophie and Bryony.

The forces behind maintaining, preserving and recording our ever-increasing collection.

Museum host Dom Walker at the Aston Martin Heritage Trust museum


The friendly face of all our museum tours, bringing objects to life with tales of their history.

Operations Manage Sue Gibbons at Aston Martin Heritage Trust museum AMHT


The pillar of the AMHT team, always driving things forwards.

Trustee Garry Taylor headshot


Sharing the AMHT’s stories to the world, from writing all the copy for our new website to launching the Aston Martin Heritage Podcast.

Regardless of the result, the team looks forward to attending the awards on the 15th November and seeing some familiar (and not-so-familiar!) faces.

If you’d like to keep up with the AMHT team’s work, follow the AMHT on social media:

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