August 18, 2023

New exhibition at the AMHT Museum: 25 years in 25 objects

This year is the Aston Martin Heritage Trust’s 25th birthday. As part of the celebrations, a new exhibition runs throughout August and September at the AMHT Museum in Wallingford, Oxfordshire. The latest curated collection tells the story of the AMHT’s quarter of a century. Discover 25 years in 25 objects. 

Here’s what you’ll see:

  1. The AMHT Charity Application Form. Where it all began. 
  2. Lionel Martin Goes Salmon Fishing. This photo of Lionel Martin salmon fishing is most likely the oldest item in the AMHT collection. 
  3. AML Paint Sample. All AML paint colours have their own name. This ‘Cosmopolitan Yellow’ sample would be used in a dealership when a customer was choosing the colour of their Aston Martin. 
  4. A3. The oldest surviving Aston Martin in the world. 
  5. 1959 Le Mans Chequered Flag. This flag was waved at the finish line for Aston Martin’s winning year at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. 
  6. William Towns’ Sketch Book. An influential car designer, this sketchbook is where many cars came to life. 
  7. Sir Stirling Moss’ Overalls. One of the very first items to become part of the collection. 
  8. James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 in LEGO. Who wouldn’t love James Bond and Aston Martin brought to life in LEGO?
  9. 1934 Ulster. The first car to become part of the collection. 
  10.  AML Thread Sampler. Just like paint, AML threads had individual names too. Handcrafted parts are such an essential part of Aston Martin’s history.  
  11. Lagonda Sign. In 1947 David Brown bought Lagonda, merging it with Aston Martin to form the company we know today. 
  12.  AMOC Rose Bowl Ladies Trophy. The collection is based on the foundations of the items collected by the Aston Martin Owners Club.
  13.  ‘Aston’ Magazine. In 1998, AMHT produced the first copy of Aston, our popular annual publication. 
  14.  AM Vantage. The next generation car for the 1970s. The AMHT Vantage has a straight-six engine like those found in the DB6. 
  15.  V8 Engine Drawing. Tadek Marek originally designed the V8 engine in the early 1960s, which stayed in production for 30 years. 
  16.  Roger Stowers Photograph Collection. Many AMHT collection photographs are the work of Roger Stowers, AML company historian, who captured key moments in the company’s history. 
  17.  Phil Davey’s Tool Chest. A lot of skill goes into making cars. These are the tools of the trade used by master craftsman Phil Davey. 
  18.  Cygnet Scale Model. There are some fantastic scale models in the collection. What will you find?
  19.  AMR1/01. Created to race at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1989, achieving 7th place overall. 
  20.  Brick from Newport Pagnell. The most random collection item. It was taken from the Aston Martin factory at Newport Pagnell. 
  21.  ‘Jock’ Horsfall’s Spark Plugs. Jock was a talented racing driver who played a part in history during WW2. 
  22.  Max Verstappen’s Overalls. From 2021, when Red Bull joined forces with Aston Martin for F1.
  23.  DB7 Car Brochure. The DB7 is one of the most-produced Aston Martins ever made. 
  24.  DP100. The car of the future? An Aston Martin designed for Gran Turismo. 
  25.  Aston Martin Soap Bar. The newest addition to the AMHT collection. 

What is the Aston Martin Heritage Trust Museum? 

The museum houses the collections of the Aston Martin Heritage Trust, which cares for an ever-growing collection of Aston Martins. It also boasts many artefacts and documents, from an account book for Bamford & Martin Ltd. to designs for the latest Geneva Show stand. This historic material tells the story of 110 years of Aston Martin: the people, the culture, the cars.

Where is the Aston Martin Heritage Trust Museum?

Drayton St Leonard, Wallingford OX10 7BG

How can I book a ticket?

Entry to the museum is by pre-booking only, and visits run on hourly slots between 10am and 3pm (except 1pm).

The museum is open every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. We are also available on some Saturdays. Please check the booking system for dates. 

Book your museum ticket here

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