April 10, 2024

Object in Focus: AMR23 Scale Model, Bahrain Grand Prix

Image of a scale model of AMR23, the Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant F1 Team car, in metallic green livery. On the mount for the model is the inscription 'Aston Martin AMR23 Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant F1 Team - 3rd Bahrain GP 2023'

Object Number: AMHT-2024-002 

Object Type: Scale Model 

Object Description: 1:43 Scale Model of Aston Martin AMR23, Bahrain GP 2023, Fernando Alonso

‘Small, but perfectly formed’, often sums up thoughts about the multiple Aston Martin scale models that the Trust displays in the museum. The majority of models are of the scale 1:43, meaning that 1 inch (2.5cm) of the model relates to 43 inches (109.2cm) of the full size car it represents.

This particular scale model, made by the manufacturer Spark, stands out for a number of reasons so has been highlighted in this month’s Object in Focus.

Firstly, it is one of the most recent objects acquired for the Collection. This is indicated by the object number showing the year it was acquired (2024) and the allocated item number (002).

The fact that it is a Formula One item also makes this exciting and more interesting to a wider ranging audience. If museums are thought of as focussing on the past, this object definitely comes under the heading of “something more modern”!

Aston Martin re-entered the world of Formula One in 2018 as title sponsor with Red Bull Racing. They then became a stand-alone team in 2021, with sponsorship partners Cognizant and Aramco, and are certainly proving a team to watch.

This particular model is of the 2023 season car AMR23, driven at the Bahrain Grand Prix by Fernando Alonso. You can even see the tiny version of Fernando sitting in the model car!

Close up image of the AMR23 scale model and the model driver with helmet

The model represents a lot of ‘firsts’ – Bahrain is the first Grand Prix of the season, so was the first Grand Prix outing for AMR23. Double World Champion Fernando Alonso was announced as the new team driver in 2023 so it was his first Grand Prix race for the team. He finished in a very respectable third place, making it the first podium finish for the team that season.

The model is now part of our new ‘Aston Martin and Formula One’ cabinet display, so do come and take a closer look (yes, that is a shameless plug!).

Diagonal image of Aston Martin F1 team car scale models displayed in a row, the front model is of AMR22 at the Abu Dhabi GP 2022

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