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Episode 22 – Part 2. A showroom and workshops tour at RS Williams Limited 

The Aston Martin Heritage Podcast
The Aston Martin Heritage Podcast
Episode 22 – Part 2. A showroom and workshops tour at RS Williams Limited 

In this second exclusive RS Williams podcast, Garry Taylor and Steve Waddingham explore the RSW showroom and workshops. 

Guided throughout by Adam Johnson, the Operations Manager, starting in the showroom, we see a one-owner DB5 in totally original condition and an original DB4GT Zagato that raced at Le Mans. Then onto the Engine Shop seeing a DB6 Vantage engine ready to be installed back in the car; find out how their racing has improved the performance and reliability of the engines resulting in the infamous engine upgrades.

In the Main Workshop, in awe with near every model from the heritage DB linage, we see why quality restorations take time, with an example of making a DB5 door fit perfectly. With seeing other restorations, we talk with some of the Team members about their work.

In the Dyno shop, we speak with Mark Lewis about what is involved in testing engines to the maximum, with a DB4GT Lightweight race engine on the test bed, and how he optimises its efficiency and performance. And mentioning engines, we also meet Tony Couzens, primary a V8 engine builder, talking about these engines, the enhancements and what goes into a rebuild.

Onto the V8 Workshop, we see various cars in restoration build, and meet Fergus McIver, a senior vehicle technician concentrating on these cars, and other team members. Plus, a visit to Simon Eaton in the Parts Department.

Finally, we meet up with Graham Ching, the Workshop Director, referencing his previous employment at McLaren, and how the perfection mindset influences the workshop operations as he combines timetables, customer expectations and workflow.

Main Guests:

Graham Ching

Adam Johnson

Mark Lewis

Tony Couzens

Fergus McIver

Simon Eaton


Garry Taylor – AMHT

Steve Waddingham – AML & AMHT

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