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Episode 20 – John McGurk. Aston Martin specialist in conversation 

The Aston Martin Heritage Podcast
Episode 20 – John McGurk. Aston Martin specialist in conversation 

Since 2002, McGurk Performance Cars, founded by John McGurk, has established itself as one of the largest Aston Martin specialist dealers in the UK.  Their passion for the marque is without doubt from selling the cars, the servicing and customer support.

In this interview with Garry Taylor from the Aston Martin Heritage Trust, we hear about the origins of the company and how he focuses on the quality of the cars he sells and services. Furthermore, concentrating on the VH Platform cars, such as DB9, Vantage, Rapide and others, we hear John’s views on why the Rapide is underrated, the desirability of 4.3lt V8 Vantage, punchy views on the Virage, identify some of the few weak points of the VH cars, and why a service history book full of stamps does not mean a full-service history.

In this entertaining and candid interview, John is clearly passionate about the cars and he makes it very clear you should drive your Aston Martin and not let it become a garage queen. “Drive the wheels off as life is too short” he suggests – or face the wrath of John or, even, St Peter…

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Garry Taylor

John McGurk

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