February 7, 2024

Object in Focus: Nebula Presentation Box

Image shows the Nebula Collaboration Presentation Box, a large black rectangle with an internal rectangular space for large cards about the Nebula Collaboration

Object Number: AMHT-2017-254-05

Object Type: Marketing Material

Object Description: Black presentation box for the Nebula collaboration, later known as the Valkyrie

“Oooh, this looks fancy”, was my first reaction when coming across this particular item in the AMHT Collection, thus earning it a place as the first ‘Object in Focus’. The word ‘intriguing’ might be a better description when wondering what lies inside the understated black presentation box. It does not disappoint on opening as you are instantly drawn in to the name that greets you – “Nebula”. If that doesn’t make it sound mysterious and interesting, then I don’t know what does!

In a strange way, the whole thing reminds me of the Black Magic chocolate box – an elegance promising undiscovered delights (if you happen to like dark chocolate that is…). In this case however, it’s about undiscovered design delights rather than anything chocolatey.

The Nebula Collaboration Presentation Box with drawings from within the box arranged on top of it

Nebula was in fact the internal codename for the supercar project that eventually became the Valkyrie. Started in 2016, it was a collaboration between Marek Reichman and the Aston Martin design team and Adrian Newey, the Chief Technical Officer at Red Bull Racing Formula One Team. Their aim was to design and engineer the world’s most dramatic and beautiful supercar, based on Formula One technology.

The presentation box contains 19 cards, initially introducing you to Marek and Adrian and explaining the idea behind the collaboration project. The subsequent artwork cards are outstanding to look through. There is an early sketch clearly showing how the car design evolved from the starting teardrop shape. Detailed black and white and colour concept drawings of exterior and interior aspects are next. There are engineering computer modelling images along with technical aerodynamic modelling. The final few cards show how the finished car would look from a multitude of different angles, definitely achieving the brief of designing a dramatic and beautiful supercar.

A card from the Nebula Collaboration Presentation Box showing drawings for the car from different angles, some with blue bodywork
A card from the Nebula Collaboration Presentation Box showing a drawing of the side view of the car. It is a grey colour against a black background with highlights of orange and blue beneath the car
A card from the Nebula Collaboration Presentation Box showing drawings for the steering wheel
A card from the Nebula Collaboration Presentation Box showing 3D designs of the aerodynamics of the car, they are multicoloured

In my opinion, this presentation box as a whole is typical Aston Martin – understated yet special. It crosses the divide of being both a practical marketing tool, and a beautiful work of art.

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